Below are examples of successful EPB Consulting Group Projects:
Forensic analysis of Carbon Monoxide poisoning incidents involving transport through HVAC equipment and building leakage.
Evaluation of building envelope products to determine if patent infringement has occurred.
Forensic analysis of building envelope and HVAC systems to determine probably cause of mold/moisture damage in buildings.
Develop, under contract, a novel HVAC technology for enabling cost-effective, low energy ventilation: the Residential Integrated Ventilation Energy Controller.
Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Pollutant Transport Dynamics in the Indoor Environment

Mold control and Moisture Dynamics

Building Envelope and Enclosure Interactions

Air Change Rate (ACH) Evaluations
                TOPICAL AREAS
Computer simulations of the energy and indoor air equality performance of existing and proposed building technologies
Investigation of building envelope and systems to determine probably cause of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke for adjacent living spaces